The 1st ever superstar of INDIA- RAJESH KHANNA(kakaji)

With a heavy heart it was declared in the early hours of 18th July,2012 that INDIA has once again lost another legendary hero- the first superstar RAJESH KHANNA who has been suffering from cancer lately. May his soul rest in peace(RIP).


ThE iNnOvAtIvE fOoDiE

Nothing without food isn’t it? So lets get some knowledge about how to prepare noodles in different style:

ITALIAN RECIPE- Rub small pieces of garlic on a bowl. Add lemon juice and olive oil followed by salt to taste. Then boil the spaghetti and add in the bowl. Now mix it and garnish it with parsley leaves and devour it to your heart’s content.

A QUICK RECIPE LEARN T IN THE TRAIN’S KITCHEN- Mince small pieces of chicken using a mixer grinder. Add Maggi masala and parsley leaves and make small balls out of it. Add oil on a plate, pt the balls on it and put it inside the micro-oven. now dip the balls in a bowl of thickened tomato sauce. Now boil the spaghetti with small amount of salt and add the chicken balls on it. Yippee! it,s ready to be served in the train.

Spaghetti Alfredo– Add 1 tbsp of butter to the pan to melt it. Add half chopped garlic and 1/4th tbsp of salt to it. Add 1/4th cup of cream followed by Parmesan cheese. Keep stirring. then add boiled spaghetti and give it a good toss. Garnish with Parmesan cheese.

FaShIoN sEiStA

Well guys lets be high on fashion today! The MONSOON has already stepped in and it’s time to learn some GOTHIC MAKEUP to turn heads even in this rainy season. Well giving a small introduction on what really GOTHIC makeup is- “it’s not about beauty but to make up a BOLD statement with this style!”

  1. Start with moisturizer to clean your face followed by matte foundation and then a concealer to hide the FAULTS on your face.
  2. Either opt for smoky eyes or line the top and lower eye lids with a thick eye liner. Lashes should be pumped with several layers of mascara and darken the eye brow to get a heavy look.
  3. Use darker brown shadow on your cheeks and suck your cheeks to get an effect.
  4. Coming to the lips we will be using goth color lip-liner (deep red,wine red ). apply liner to your lips and then fill in with the same pencil all over the lips.Now take liberal amount of lipstick on a lip-brush and apply on the lips.